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structural intEgrity

Avoiding roadblocks and embracing openings is at the core of good design. To anticipate and achieve success, our structural engineers apply practiced intuition and advanced expertise to understand how structures will behave.

Structural Engineering Capabilities

  • New Building Structural Design

  • Advanced Structural 3-D Modeling

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Structures

  • Unreinforced Masonry Building Retrofit Design

  • Catwalk and Process Platform Design

  • Equipment and Tank Support Design

  • Seismic Analysis and Strengthening

  • Special Non-building Structures (Public Art, Sculptures)

  • Cut and Cover Underground Structures

A Balanced Approach to Design

Summit’s structural engineers apply not only sound reasoning but also creativity and flexibility to our solutions to generate elegant, efficient designs. We work collaboratively with architects to explore alternative solutions to meet the project’s design vision, all the while employing our knowledge of code and engineering principles to help ensure the safety, serviceability, performance, and efficiency of each project.

Measuring Project Milestones

We take a systematic approach to safeguard success at every step.

Our clients appreciate our desire to listen and understand their needs. We are true partners with the architect in delivering a successful project.

— Kyle Moyer, P.E., Structural Division Manager