We Rise


Civil Civilities

We believe sharp listening is essential to creating effective design solutions. Our engineers use the project team’s collaborative point of view as a springboard to ground-breaking designs that are functional and lasting.

Civil Engineering Capabilities

  • Site Work Design

  • Grading and Drainage Design

  • Utility and Infrastructure Design

  • Construction Storm Water Management Design

  • Storm Water Runoff Detention and Treatment

  • Low-Impact Development (LID)

  • Roadway and Vehicle Circulation Design

  • Highway Improvements and Permitting

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis

  • Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (CSWPPP) Preparation and Storm Water Monitoring

  • Industrial Storm Water Prevention Plans (ISWPPP)

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)

Sustainable Solutions

A sustainable project is built on detailed analysis and planning of its design, construction, and maintenance components. Before any earth is moved, we establish a firm foundation of knowledge and understanding, exploration and inquiry, strategy and approach. In this way, we take ownership – pride of ownership – of every project.

The Bridge Between Inspiration and Project Completion

Aligning ideas with the material world requires brass-tacks thinking. We use proven processes to anticipate obstacles, and identify opportunities that create a realistic roadmap for construction.

One of the reasons our clients keep coming back to us is that we believe each client’s vision deserves our complete attention. It is not enough to just listen to our clients; we have to be able to see the project the way they see it. When we understand the big picture, the details can be executed with greater efficiency.

— Jasper Lewis-Gehring, P.E., Civil Division Manager